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November 18, 2011

We are working on a new update site for the newest version of green. green 3.5.1 will resolve various issues when using Eclipse Indigo.

In addition to that, we've changed the website a bit. We strongly recommend installing and updating green directly through the update site, but source code and builds for earlier versions will remain where they are.

About green

green is a LIVE round-tripping editor, meaning that it supports both software engineering and reverse engineering. You can use green to create a UML class diagram from code, or to generate code by drawing a class diagram.

green was developed with the pedagogical goal of focusing students on design. However green has proven to be a robust and flexible tool that can easily provide UML support in any environment.

All relationships are plug-in based extensions off of green. This means that at any time you can add your own relationships! This was added with the pedagogical goal of revealing relationships incrementally to students, and having green reflect only the relationships which our students have knowledge of!

The editor features a simple point-and-click interface. Right-clicking in the editor brings up a context-sensitive menu that includes features such as the refactoring and quick-fix functionality.

green supports exporting files to both jpg and gif format, so that you can share you diagrams without any issues!

green is an ongoing project at the University at Buffalo.

Any suggestions or feedback is welcome and encouraged! Please feel free to email any of the developers with your suggestions, or submit them in Sourceforge.



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